The EXXTRA project – “EXcellence EXchange and Teaming-up between RAilway clusters and ecosystems” – is one of the 13 very first “European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence (ESCP-4X) of the European Union, and is coordinated by ERCI partner cluster DITECFER.

The project partners are DITECFER (Italy), CEN SEC (Denmark), Rail.S e.V. (Germany), i-Trans (France), Mafex (Spain), Railgrup (Spain) and ARUS (Turkey).

The project started on February 3, 2020 and will run for 2 years. The project aims to create synergies, training and exchange activities between the participating clusters and their members, in order to improve the services and accompanying practices of SMEs in the fields of innovation, internationalization and technology transfer.

EXXTRA partners – as specialized and technology-focused clusters – have set themselves the mission of acting as:

  • opportunity creators;
  • change accelerators;
  • intermediaries between SMEs and all potential innovation actors and the suppliers of the knowledge and support necessary to generate growth for SMEs in terms of innovation, internationalization, process modernization, organization and innovation in the workplace, sustainable integration in the chains of global value etc..

With EXXTRA, DITECFER and its partners will further develop their skills to be not only ‘service providers’ but partners for the growth of their members.

For this DITECFER invites its Members and the stakeholders of the Tuscan innovation ecosystem to participate in events and discussions that will benefit from the experience and knowledge of each person, and to also take the opportunity to participate in the EXXTRA “ClusterXchange”, the Erasmus-like mobility program that will allow SMEs and scaling-up organizations (research centers, accelerators, incubators, etc.) to spend a period abroad (between 3 days and one month) to develop their own specific program of growth and knowledge in an organization of their interest (research center, SMEs, etc.).

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