Railway Activation – Participate now!

The EU-funded project “RailActivation” supports integration into the digital value chain through innovation in the workplace. The process of digitalisation in the railway industry is proving to be particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is due, on one hand to the different technical standards along the value chain and on the other hand to a lack of resources and experience to design such an innovation process from within.

RailActivation is a cross-cluster project initiated by BTS Rail Saxony, the Spanish railway technology cluster MAFEX, the Spanish research and technology institute Tecnalia, the Italian railway technology cluster DITECFER and the Italian university consortium for innovative and qualitative engineering QUINN.

Members of the three railway technology clusters can now apply to participate in a professional workshop program. The workshops will be held in Germany, Spain and Italy with a maximum of 20 companies in total. Furthermore, the workshop process is accompanied by a transnational exchange of experience. A total of 4 consecutive half-day workshops are waiting for the project participants, which will be held in the period 2020-2021. The participation in the workshop is free of charge. In addition, the project participants will receive a travel credit to compensate for travel costs incurred.

Objectives of the project:

  • Definition of a development strategy for the company
  • Analysis and optimization of the product/service portfolio
  • Development of an innovation vision (from a technical and economic point of view)
  • Increase of the personal ability to generate innovative ideas

The four workshops at a glance:

Day 1: Repositioning of the company and identification of new markets
Day 2: Renewal of the offer with a benefit-oriented approach (from the customer’s perspective)
Day 3: Development and redesign of products and services
Day 4: Using and learning from customer experiences

Applications for RailActivation can be submitted until 15 July. Further information about the project as well as the application documents can be found on the >> RailActivation website and >> here.

Use this opportunity to rethink your company and prepare it for the future!