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PERES’  stands for “Promoting European Railway Excellence outside of the EU” – the consortium consisting of five European clusters is striving for successful promotion of European SMEs of the Railway industry and their products to markets outside of the EU, specifically in the United States and India.

PERES is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) that was established in the framework of the COSME Call “Cluster Go International”. Within phase 1, the EU Commission supports  the creation of a strategy and an implementation plan of the participating clusters for the promotion of European rail technology products beyond the EU. The focus lies on the products and services of small- and medium-sized enterprises. After defining USA and India as top target markets, PERES implemented first actions to support entering theses markets. E.g., In the course of the USA Acceleration programme companies were equipped with detailed and comprehensive information about the US – rail market (e.g. by attending webinars) and joined the study mission to the United States in April 2019. Phase 2 of the project will hopefully start in the beginning of 2020. The implementation roadmap includes another mission to the US as well as two missions to India.

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PERES aims at intensifying and leading international cluster cooperation in supporting the companies of the European railway industry we represent – mainly SMEs: more than 1,000 – in internationalization processes concerning markets outside EU. Our clusters, in fact, also include large enterprises at the head of the supply chain and scientific bodies, but PERES aims to empower the SMEs in order to try to solve the problems they usually encounter when having to do with entering international markets.

Our approach in terms of building our capability to go international takes into account also those entities whose presence in our territories enable our SMEs in their daily development (i.e. for R&D activities, innovation support, tests, certifications, etc.). We do believe, in fact, that our enterprises can become even more competitive – thus attractive at international level – if perceived as a complete and dynamic chain able to grow in terms of products and services responding to current and future market needs.

PERES is also an initiative addressing our clusters’ managers, that are undergoing a process of learning enabling them to better support our members and to deliver higher quality project objectives. This takes place both by developing initiatives together (such as B2B at important international rail fairs) and sharing experiences and best practices between us and also with other European clusters, so as through the participation at dedicated training sessions on clusters internationalization.

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September 26th, 2019|0 Comments

The members of PERES consortium today held a presentation of the PERES project on the Berlin – Brandenburg booth on TRAKO railway trade show in Gdansk (Poland). Mareike Walter from BTS Rail Saxony and Eli [...]

Our PERES project lead Veronica Bocci

April 24th, 2018|0 Comments

May we introduce to you: Veronica Bocci, project lead of the international project PERES in which 4 of 5 partners are also ERCI partners (DITECFER, i-Trans, Rail alliance, BTS Rail Saxony). Her many years of experience in Brussels [...]

Project PERES already on track!

March 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

With a kick-off meeting the new partners of PERES celebrated the start of the EU co-funded project on 23rd February 2018 in Brussels. The partners were lucky to be hosted by the project lead Veronica [...]

PERES receives funding from EU Commission

February 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Good news for ERCI at the beginning of the year. Concerning  the call for ‘Cluster go international’ of the COSME programme, the European Commission selected the ERCI consortium ‘PERES’ to be funded. The consortium [...]

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