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In this ERCI Webinar you will learn about innovative solutions for enabling condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance to be applied in the railway sector.

Lucchini RS S.p.A. – member of DITECFER – presents an innovative solution (Smartset Load ®) that enables Condition Based Maintenance of railway wheelsets through the continuous monitoring of service loads.  Lucchini RS is a steel manufacturing Group which offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services and operates globally. The Lucchini RS Railway Division manufactures high-end railway components – wheels, axles, tyres and wheelsets for different applications like high-speed, intercity, heavy haul and mass transit systems.

Next Generation Rail Technologies S.L. (NGRT) – member of MAFEX – presents a unique product and solution for automated monitoring of the entire railway infrastructure which enable huge savings and gives predictive monitoring. NGRT provides real-time, accurate and reliable warning of any anomalies within the railway infrastructure, that allow their clients to significantly increase safety and equally reducing risks and costs, by offering standardised and certified products and solutions.


10:00Welcome words
European Railway Clusters Initiative
10:10In-service wheelset load monitoring to optimize NDT inspection intervals and identify hot spots throughout the network – Smartset-Load®
Steven Cervello, Francesco Lombardo | Lucchini RS
10:40 Innovative solution for automated monitoring of the entire railway infrastructure
Richard Aaroe | NGRT
11:25News from the ERCI network
European Railway Clusters Initiative


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