Operations & Marketing

Rail.S e.V.
Dirk-Ulrich Krüger
Kramergasse 4
01067 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 497615989
Fax: +49 351 49761599
Email: info@rail-s.de

  • day to day management, secretariat, administration and internal communication
  • marketing strategy and external communication
  • coordination of the participation in major events like INNOTRANS

Strategy & Sustainability

Amélie Espérou
Technopole Transalley
180 Rue Joseph Louis Lagrange
F-59308 Valenciennes Cedex
Phone: +33 7 85 62 73 37
Mob: +33 7 85 62 73 37
Email: amelie.esperou@i-trans.org

  • to build and share a strategy for ERCI sustainable development and implement it
  • to make sure it is respected by ERCI clusters
  • to establish scenarios of future development to be discussed during ERCI SC twice a year

European Lobby

Cluster Transport, Mobility and Lo­gis­tics Berlin-Branden­burg
Lutz Hübner
Fasanenstraße 85
10623 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 46302-573
Email: lutz.huebner@berlin-partner.de

  • to ensure regular contact with Brussels stakeholders regarding clusters issues and railway topics (EU commissionners, DG head of office, UNIFE…)
  • to represent ERCI clusters and members interests during EU events
  • to keep informed of all EU news that could affect ERCI activities

RDI Projects

Logistics in Wallonia
Carine Nardellotto
Liege Airport Building 52
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne
Phone: +32 4225 50 60
Fax: +32 4225 50 65
Email: info@logisticsinwallonia.be

  • to foster cooperation between ERCI clusters members to build RDI projects (H2020, SHIFT²RAIL…)
  • to spread information on forthcoming opportunities (call for proposals, EU matchmaking events…)
  • to coordinate the organization of technical workshops to initiate project ideas



European Railway Clusters Initiative
i-Trans (Lead Partner)
Technopole Transalley
Le Mont Houy – RD 958
F-59300 Famars