The management board of the leading European association of railway clusters ERCI decided at its last meeting to accept the membership application of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. ERCI now counts 16 European rail industry clusters (> ERCI Partners).

On 1st November 1968, the Industrial Chamber of Eskisehir separated from the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Eskisehir in order to work as a separate chamber, to deal with the problems of the industry and to accelerate the industrialization in the province. Since the first day of its foundation, the Industry Chamber of Eskisehir has conveyed the problems of the regional industry to the public attention, presented solutions and became one of the leading chambers with its efforts to point out the importance of the industry.


Eskişehir Chamber of Industry
Mr. Ismail Öztürk
Eskişehir Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Cadde
No:1 Odunpazarı/Eskişehir ODUNPAZARI
Eskişehir (Tukey)

Phone: +90 222 2360360