ERCI_Logo_RGB_mit unterem weißen RandWith 82 representatives from nine countries, the ERCI Cybersecurity in Railways Task Force Event #5, which has been jointly organised by the clusters Transport, Mobility, Logistics and ICT, Media, Creative Industries as well as Bombardier Transportation, has attracted a high number of participants. And the topic is highly up-to-date to the railway sector: The intelligent linking of data has high potential for, e.g. new applications, services and increased efficiency. But with the opportunities also major challenges come along. The railway’s highly connected technical system becomes vulnerable to cyberattacks. These are often the effects which can hardly be predicted.

The aim of the event series is to raise awareness of cybersecurity in the context of digitialisation projects and to identify innovative solutions to make development, production and operating processes in rail transport even more resilient to cyberattacks.

Among the participants were a number of representatives of providers and users who jointly discussed very dedicated innovative solutions to prevent cyberattacks. The European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) has set out to raise awareness of this cross-sectoral issue, especially among SMEs, to identify relevant actors and their competencies, to connect them with each other for joint R&D activities and application projects.

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Cybersecurity Mapping: Present your competencies!

July 24th, 2018|0 Comments

i-trans creates a mapping that highlights the cybersecurity competencies that exist within the ERCI network. For the best result, all companies, research institutions, associations, etc. that deal with cybersecurity in a narrow and broad sense, [...]