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Project PERES

PERES – Promoting the European Rail Excellence outside EU is the European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) established in the framework of the COSME Call “Cluster Go International” 2015. A charter committing our clusters with the European Commission in order to achieve several objectives towards the redaction of a shared internationalization strategy has been signed in Brussels in March 2016.

PERES aims at intensifying and leading international cluster cooperation in supporting the companies of the European railway industry we represent – mainly SMEs: more than 1,000 – in internationalization processes concerning markets outside EU. Our clusters, in fact, also include large enterprises at the head of the supply chain and scientific bodies, but PERES aims to empower the SMEs in order to try to solve the problems they usually encounter when having to do with entering international markets.

Our approach in terms of building our capability to go international takes into account also those entities whose presence in our territories enable our SMEs in their daily development (i.e. for R&D activities, innovation support, tests, certifications, etc.). We do believe, in fact, that our enterprises can become even more competitive – thus attractive at international level – if perceived as a complete and dynamic chain able to grow in terms of products and services responding to current and future market needs.

In this sense, some rail technological demonstrators due to be established in our territories through public funds (i.e. Shift2Rail JTI, ERDF, etc.) in the coming years will furtherly improve both the capability of our enterprises to be at the forefront of the market products and the attractiveness and recognisability of our territories as “lands of rail excellence”, while shortening the time to market.

At the same time, our effort will be to widen the application domains – thus markets – through intercepting the innovation trajectories and help our enterprises build their competitive position upon them.

PERES is also an initiative addressing our clusters’ managers, that are undergoing a process of learning enabling them to better support our members and to deliver higher quality project objectives. This takes place both by developing initiatives together (such as B2B at important international rail fairs, such as: InnoTrans 2016; SIFER 2017) and sharing experiences and best practices between us and also with other European clusters, so as through the participation at dedicated training sessions on clusters internationalization (e.g. Riga, June 2016).

Among the initiatives where we will test a joint approach to our SMEs internationalization there is the EU Mission to Japan for the Railway sector, due to take place from November 27th to December 2nd 2017 at Chiba/Tokyo.

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